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    By choosing our Valorant Cheats and Hacks it will provide you with the exclusive edge above any other player you may come across. Our Valorant hacks and cheats are always up to date & undetected. We specialize in bringing you premium features such as Aimbot, Ultra Crisp ESP, and Advanced Aimbot Prediction.




    What is Valorant?

    Valorant is a free to play PVP game that users will say it very closely resembles a modern day CSGO. You spawn into the map with only a pistol and you have to get kills and win the round in order to get money to buy items or special abilities depending on your character for the next round. The game lasts until the first team to reach 13 rounds won. There are many blind corners and "peek spots" on every map to ensure there will always be a place for someone to be hiding. If you enjoy playing Valorant you may also enjoy some of our other products like our Warzone Cheats or Apex Legends Cheats. Both offer you the ability to play as a team to push your way to win the game together.


    What Anticheat Does Valorant Use?

    Valorant uses an anticheat called Vanguard. Like BattlEye, Vanguard uses an intelligent dynamic on-the-fly detection system, ensuring that cheaters are quickly banned from playing the game in the future due to banning hardware within their computer. That is why we recommend that if you are using Valorant Cheats that you use a HWID Spoofer. This will protect your computers original HWID from being banned by the game so you are able to play on multiple accounts worry free by being able to play the game again after being banned.



    Valorant Aimbot

    Using Aimbot in Valorant can help you to improve your pvp techniques and have an advantage over other players. In a game like Valorant it is detrimental to have aimbot for the purpose of ensuring to get the kill and don't die and lose the round. Valorant Aimbot sadly has no affect on any form of melee weapons.

    With our Valorant Aimbot we offer the ability to have the targeting type be anything in the game ranging from head to toe. There will be no more randomly dying from poor aim as you can fully customize all the options for you to have the best aim in the server at your finger tips.


    The more in-depth features that are classified as Aimbot for Valorant within this product are as follows.

    [+] Enable Aimbot
    [+] Aimbot Smooting (00.00-50.00)
    [+] Aimbot FOV (0-1000m)
    [+] Max Aimbot Distance (0-300m)
    [+] Show FOV Circle
    [+] Customizable Aimbot Key
    [+] Aimbot Target Bone




    Valorant ESP

    ESP is another very important feature among Valorant Cheats that will instantly improve your map awareness while playing. This is a must have feature as it will show nearly anything that has the ability to move or is valuable within the game. While using these forms of Valorant Hacks you will have the option to select specific items to show on ESP along with setting them to any color you may want. You even have the ability to set item distances to see the distance between you and the item/enemy you are focusing on. This will allow you to assess every hazard in your immediate surroundings and determine the threat level before the threat approaches your location.


    The more in-depth features that are classified as Valorant ESP within this product are as follows.

    [+] Show Player Box
    [+] Snaplines
    [+] Player Distance & Name
    [+] Show Player Health Value
    [+] Box Style
          Corner Box
          Full Box

    [+] Show Skeleton
    [+] Max ESP Distance (0-1000m)







    How Do Our Cheats Stay Undetected?

    The developers of this product have many years under their belt with reverse engineering. We ensure customer satisfaction which is aimed at remaining undetected with the shortest possible update times. There are multi-layer bypasses for all of our products that we offer. We are very transparent with our customers by saying there is always a possibility that something can become detected and nothing is 100% undetectable. But with that being said we always test every feature on every product after every update is pushed to ensure that you have the lowest possible risk to get banned. This does not account for manual bans or stat bans from rage hacking. This strictly applies to the features themselves being detected.


    Are The Valorant Hacks Safe To Use?

    We always go through routine tests after every update to ensure every feature within our Valorant cheats are undetected. You can refer to the status page to see the status of our Valorant cheats.


    Where Can I Download Any Of The Valorant Cheats?

    Once you sign up and purchase a subscription to our Valorant cheats and hacks, you can go to our downloads page to download the file(s) needed to run our Valorant cheats. You need a valid membership that you can purchase here to view this page.


    What Are The Main Features Of The Cheat?

    We make sure all of the Rust Cheats we offer have include ESP and Aimbot at the very least to ensure the customer feels they get the most "bang for their buck". These features are a must have in the cheating scene as it allows for the user to have a very fun time while playing the game.


    Can I get banned using Valorant cheats?

    There is always a chance you can get banned for hacking in any game. Nothing is 100% undetectable. However, we have a team of testers that manually test every feature within our Valorant Hacks to ensure the customer has the lowest possible risk while using the product.


    Do I Need A HWID Spoofer?

    When you are cheating/scripting in any game it is always recommended to use a HWID Spoofer when you are using anything that modifies the games code in any way. This will have a very large impact on masking your computers default serials while cheating. You can view our documentation on the HWID Spoofers we offer here.


    Where Do I Get Support For The Valorant Cheats?

    After you purchase a subscription to our products you will have the ability to create a support ticket at your digression if you have any questions about how to use a product and need one on one support with a staff member.




    Be sure to view our status page located here.

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