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    Frequently Asked Questions. This Section isn't related to specific issues with specific products. This is only for general concerns with how the process works. For specific support related inquiries please create a support ticket by clicking here.


    How Do I Purchase?
    Please follow the visual representation below for a complete checkout walk-through.









    When Will I Be Charged?
    We'll attempt to securely charge your credit card at the point of purchase online. If there's a problem, you'll be notified on the spot and prompted to use another card. Once we receive verification of sufficient funds, your payment will be completed and transferred securely to us.


    Why Was My Payment Declined?
    In the occurrence of a payment declination it can mean many things, We have numerous security measures in place to minimize the risk of fraud that will not be disclosed. All We can publicize is for you to ensure that your information is correct and you have the payment total available on your payment method. If you don't have the complete payment total available we do offer the option for our members to split the payment total between various methods.


    Why Does It State That My License Key Is "invalid"?
    In the likelihood of this occurring it is possible that you are using the wrong loader for the product you have purchased. If that is not the case, please open a support ticket here and we will fix the issue.


    What Is The Refund Policy?
    We generally won't accept a refund request without a justifiable reason. You are more than welcome to create a ticket in the support section of the website and we will resolve/compensate whatever issue you are currently having with your product. If however, we do decide to honor the refund request, you must acknowledge that within Section 9.3 in our Terms Agreement it states "No refunds shall be granted for discounts, vouchers, or coupons availed as part of the Service." This means that if you are applicable for a refund you will only receive a refund for the out of pocket amount NOT the total purchase price.


    Do Our Cheats Work On Other Devices?

    Due to the structure of the game cheats that we offer and or the possibility in general, ALL of the products we offer require you to be on a PC. We DO NOT and WILL NOT offer ANY product that you can run off of your mobile device (Android/IOS) or console (Xbox/PlayStation). There are a lot of companies that will lie to you and tell you that their products will work on gaming consoles then tell you they won't refund you after you have purchased. We eliminate the whole opportunity for confusion by telling you ahead of time that any of our offered products will NOT work on ANYTHING but a computer that you can physically touch with your hand. Also, all of the products we offer have security measures in place that deny the ability to be used on virtual machines as-well.


    Are The Products Hardware-ID Locked?

    Due to security precautions of users having the ability to purchase a key and share it with whomever they choose. Yes, all of the products we offer are HWID Locked. If you happen to change computers or simply don't want your key anymore and want to sell/give it to someone else. Open a support ticket.


    "How Do I Purchase A Product?"

    Due to potential fraud risks we force users to create an account before purchasing as it ensures you the buyer authorize the purchase. Once you have created an account you will be able to view our store and purchase any of our offered products at your discretion.


    "How Do I Activate A Product?"

    Once you create an account and purchase a subscription you will be able to see the download portal with access to the download you have purchased. Inside the download there will be full documentation on how to activate and or use any of the products we offer.


    "I'm Having An Issue With One Of The Products"

    In the chance you are having an issue or are confused how to use any of the products we offer and have read the documentation provided in the tutorial within the download you are more than welcome to create a support ticket and we will be glad to assist you.


    "How Do I Become A Reseller?"

    That can be discussed in a support ticket. CLICK HERE!!


    What Happens If My Refund Request Is Accepted?
    In the occurrence your refund request is accepted, payments handled by our card payment processor can take up to 10 days to show back on your original payment method. If you've paid with Bitcoin the refund time will usually be around 15 minutes.

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