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    The Future Of Video Game Cheats


    Here at Delusional, we set the bar far above our competitors by providing the highest quality undetected cheats and hacks for popular video games on the market.

    Have you ever struggled to make a decision on what game enhancements (cheats and hacks) you should buy? We hand test every product we offer on a frequent basis to ensure the game cheats are up to date and undetected. We ensure you that if you purchase one of the products we offer you will never be let down and you will always enjoy using the product.


    Easiest Cheats To Set Up

    Our cheats and hacks are all incredibly simple to set up and utilize. We recognize that usability plays an important role in a customer's love of a product because it allows them to jump right into the game and see all of the possibilities. Upon purchasing access to one of our products, you will have access to documentation of injection tutorials for the specified game you have purchased hacks for.


    Instantly Updated and Undetected Cheats

    We believe that having the smallest feasible downtime following a game update is critical in getting customers back into the action of enjoying their purchased product(s). Our cheats are updated almost instantaneously, and our staff frequently tests the features to guarantee that everything is working properly and that they remain undetected. It's also critical to have an undetectable product because game accounts can be very expensive. We ensure you that all of the products we offer are always updated & undetected.


    Feature Rich PC Cheats

    When it comes to game cheats and hacks, we believe that premium features like Aimbot and ESP (wallhacks) are critical for games like Apex Legends and Rust. The products we offer have superior Aimbot prediction, which means you'll hit any bullet at any range, ensuring you shoot and eliminate your target with ease. ESP is also held high on our priority list as nobody likes clutter all over their screen to the point where they don't know what they are looking at. We offer customization for all of the products we offer so you have the ability to select key items you want to have shown up on the ESP.


    Radar Hacks

    Radar Hacks can similarly relate to Wallhacks in ways that allow the user to spot other players. Essentially a radar hack (also known as "2D-Radar") is a small overlay on top of your screen showing the other players in your vicinity in the same way a constant UAV would. This allows you to see enemies around you without being forced to rely on and pay attention to the player ESP features which only enables you to see the other players at your current view angle.

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